Almost every day we have a customer bring in men's button down shirts without a clue as to whether to choose dry cleaning or laundering. Everyone has an opinion on just how often and in what way different fabrics and garments should be treated. This is why so many people wash their hands of the issue and simply come to rely on the expertise of a laundry and dry cleaning professional to decide for them, but for those of you who are interested in just which one to choose, we here at Blue Mountain Cleaners have all the information to share with you to aid in that decision.
First, let's explain the difference in the cleaning process, as many people dont know this! Laundering involves water and a washing process similar to "normal" laundry for basic clothing, while dry cleaning involves the use of chemical solvents in the washing machine rather than water and detergent. So what do you choose? Right off the bat, we all tell you that your average men's shirt should be laundered most of the time. The laundry process is much better at getting out the kind of skin to cloth contact oils that end up soiling and deteriorating your basic work shirts. Most men opt to allow their dry cleaning service to launder their shirts instead of running them through the dry cleaning process without even realizing it. This laundering process finishes with the shirt being pressed and starched based on the customer's selection, no starch, light, medium or heavy and can either be hung or boxed upon completion.