Specialty Services

We are well into the football season and while many fans may be cheering for the football players, are you enjoying the half-time show? Here are some tips to keeping your musical star looking great.Marching Band uniforms are very expensive and generally require professional cleaning. They are usually wool or a wool/synthetic blend and are susceptible to damage from perspiration and rubbing under the armpits during marching. Wearing a t-shirt underneath helps absorb some of the perspiration. Other common band uniform stains are ink, food, sugar drinks, grass, and mud—which shouldn’t be terribly surprising considering all the pep rallies and football games band members must attend.The uniforms should be cleaned as soon as possible after each use (usually between football games) in order to prevent any stains from setting and to avoid attracting insects, which especially prey on wool fibers. No matter what, follow the care label and remember that we’re here to help with difficult stains or any items that need professional attention. Blue Mountain Cleaners offers services which includes complimentary repairs and button replacement, cleaning, pressing and bagging per uniform
Blue Mountain Cleaners wants to serve those in uniform as they serve our community. Blue Mountain Cleaners specializes in the care, dry cleaning, and maintenance of uniforms for Military(Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force) and ROTC uniforms.Our experts will treat each uniform with the appropriate care they deserve.